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signs from the past

the third album

"signs from the past"

on sale: 3 November, 2016

Ricco Label

  • intro
  • snow in midsummer
  • wind flower
  • kumoito
  • gentle rain
  • wild hunt
  • 8.15
  • sympathizer

album detail:


About Films

Films is a dark fantasy music unit which is centred around two female vocalists who sing in their own originally created languages. They make creative and beautiful music using the classical sounds of piano and stringed instruments, often blending them with electric, destructive rhythms.

They debuted by releasing their first album 'Messenger' on Noble Label in 2010. The supporting members of Films are talented musicians who are active at the forefront of the post-rock, classical, and electronica music genres, such as Yuki Murata and Takahiro Kido, who are the members of Anoice, and KASHIWA Daisuke. Their works can also be heard on television, in movies and at events all over the world. RAKU-GAKI, famous for art direction of website design and product design, and Naoko Okada, the painter who also takes charge of artworks for Anoice and Yuki Murata's albums, also participate in Films' works. They all support Films' magnificent and beautiful soundscape. In 2013, Films released their second album 'a forbidden garden' produced by Anoice, and received much praise from Nobuo Uematsu, the composer for the Final Fantasy series. This album was also included in the trilogy that has a 'memories' theme together with Anoice's fourth album 'into the shadows' and the third album 'Gift' from Yuki Murata.

After the successes of the Europe tour and the first live performance in Japan held at Saitama Super Arena which gathered 10,000 people in 2016, Films began the new project 'mizu amane' featuring Japanese languages, and released the first single 'mikoto uta' in 2016 and the second single 'kazahana' in 2017. Also, in November 2016, Films released their third album, 'signs from the past', featuring Calu who is the vocalist of Matryoshka.

Album Review by Ricco Label

The beauty always embraces the sadness.

This is the third album 'signs from the past' from Films, a dark fantasy unit featuring two female vocalists who sing in their own originally created languages and the magnificent classical sound which supports their beautiful melodies. They express their own music 'dark fantasy music' that has also been highly praised by Nobuo Uematsu who is famous as the music composer for Final Fantasy series.

This album also features Calu, the vocalist of Matryoshka, a Japanese popular electronica unit. You can find a beautiful tapestry made of Films' unconstrained high tone voices and Calu's gentle warm voice. In addition, all tracks were composed by Yuki Murata who is the pianist admired by many musicians such as Ryuichi Sakamoto and Takeshi Kobayashi. The music comprises of Anoice, a cinematic instrumental music group, who played all the instruments, Anoice member, Takahiro Kido, arranged and mixed, and at finally, KASHIWA Daisuke who is a leading composer of destructive electric music, did the mastering works. Combined, they present the finest melodies and sounds created by a dream team formed of many artists who are representative of the Japanese music scene.

This album contains tunes such as ‘ kumoito’, featuring a beautiful melody like a theme song of Studio Ghibli's movie, 'gentle rain', a magnificent orchestral music which invites tears to you, and 'sympathizer' which expresses Films music of dark fantasy. All the tracks are masterpieces which have a beauty in no way inferior to that of Sigur Rós and Björk.